Sanz Solutions

Shared Service Solutions for Small Businesses.Sanz Solutions offers shared service solutions for companies specializing in small businesses that provide routine services for residential and commercial clients specifically tailored to the janitorial, cleaning, lawn care and maintenance industries.
Sanz Solutions provides a multitude of programs and benefits to assist independent business owners and small companies better service their clients. By pooling resources, these companies are able to access professional expertise, guidance and services that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Shared Service Solutions specifically tailored for the needs of companies servicing the lawn care and maintenance industry.

Janitorial & Cleaning

Addressing the needs specific to small businesses providing ongoing janitorial and house cleaning services.

Pest Control

Shared service solutions for companies providing routine or ongoing maintenance services such as pest control.

Administrative Solutions

Sanz Solutions offers numerous options for shared administrative services including Customer Service Representatives, Accounting Software, Appointment Booking & Scheduling and more.

Financial Solutions

Sanz Solutions makes it possible for companies to easily accept online payments with automatic billing options, as well as managing invoicing and payment reminders.

Marketing Solutions

Companies have access to dedicated Design & Marketing Team to assist with branding and marketing materials as well as joint marketing campaigns and newsletter email blasts.